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Educational Attendance Planning

Click here for the Educational Attendance Planning Form.

Bradford GP Training Scheme provides a weekly teaching afternoon session called Half Day Release.   Trainees are expected to attend a MINIMUM of 70% of these sessions.   This figure is fairly easy to achieve if you are in a General Practice based post.   However, we understand that trainees in hospital posts may find it difficult because of the priority for service provision.   Therefore, we’ve devised additional educational sessions in the way of Modular Courses (day courses which are mandatory at various stages in ST1 and ST2).   Every modular course is put on twice – giving you one of two opportunities to attend IN ADDITION to those HDR sessions which you can make it to.

In simple terms:

  • The MINIMUM requirement is for trainees to attend 16 half days of GP education per 6 months for their post to continue to be approved for GP training.   We used to call it 56 hours, but 16 half days is simpler.   Attending departmental teaching DOES NOT count.
  • Trainees in GP posts must attend Half Day Release – it is a mandatory requirement.  You will be required to prove a 70% or higher attendance figure in your ePortfolio.   Please keep a log of which HDR sessions you attend, and remember to sign the register.
  • Trainees in hospital posts – please try and come to Half Day Release if you can.  Most trainees are able to come IF THEY PLAN IN ADVANCE with their colleagues.  Please also come to the Modular Courses to make up for the HDR sessions you cannot attend.  Half Day Release does not require Study Leave approval  BUT Modular Courses do!   Therefore, modular course attendance requires planning!   Please book Study Leave using the usual forms as early as possible – and let your Rota Coordinator know.


We’ve developed a system to try and ensure our trainees in hospital posts get enough GP education.  The main reason for this is to make sure that your hospital post releases you for sufficient education to satisfy the requirements for accreditation of the post for GP training.    Click the link at the top of this page for the form.   We would like our trainees to fill in this form near the beginning of their post, to plan their attendance at GP educational events for the next six months.

  • Please look at both our Modular Course Programme and our Half Day Release programme (both available on this website)
  • Choose which sessions you want to go to.  This needs to be a minimum of 16 half-day sessions (or the equivalent combination of half day and full day courses).  Map these onto the Educational Attendance Planning form.
  • Then take the form to the Rota Coordinator (and possibly your Clinical Supervisor) to negotiate absence.
  • Remember – you will also need to fill in a hospital Study Leave form for the Modular Courses, though not for the Tuesday Half Day Release sessions.
  • When the attendance planning form is complete, with at least 16 half days planned, you should send it to Claire (our scheme administrator).

Queries relating to the Modular Course Programme should be directed to Hasna Begum.
Queries relating to Half Day Release should be directed to Lucy Clark.
Queries relating to Study Leave should be directed to Nick Price.

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