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The RCA - Recorded Consultation Assessment

I will be posting a Zoom ID and pw on here at 7.45 pm to start at 8pm
Meeting ID: 941 664 6944
Password: 8bqFWE

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I would like you to know that I feel for all you wonderful trainees who are in a mad panic about the RCA.

So, to help, I thought, for the FIRST TIME EVER, to do a zoom webinar.

But only if there are enough people.

I am familiar with this sort of assessment.   I have been a GP for 21 years, Training Programme DIrector for 17 years and we had a similar assessment before the CSA.  

So, I kind of know what they’re looking for.  The marking scheme is not unfamiliar to me.

Would you like me to do something?  Then answer the survey on the left AND leave a comment below on the types of things you want me to cover.

Dr Ramesh Mehay

So, if I do go ahead with the webinar, what would you like me to cover?

Please write in the comments box below all the things you would like me to cover.   I am thinking about a 90 minute session where you can (hopefully) interact with me.   This is the first time I will be presenting live online on the internet ever.  Come say hello to me.   But I have to admit, I’m just thinking about it at the moment.  If I decide to go ahead, I will post here again on Wednesday 17th June 2020 all the details (perhaps Tuesday if there is an overwhelming desire).      Ramesh Mehay, Bradford

19 thoughts on “rca”

  1. Management options – please explain if necessary in every consultation.
    Examination – what can we do to get marks?
    What changes in terms of using a CSA style consultation framework.
    Can you go through the marking sheet.
    Case mixes and case complexity.

  2. My major issue is getting things dine in 10min, patient talk too much and I want to know how cut down history to 5 minutes to enable me do a good management.
    Also ways to put across impact and ICE smoothly esp if patient did not mention it initially. Thank you for your kindness

  3. I feel that complex cases take more than 10 minutes- how to keep in 10minutes
    Face to Face consultation- with PPE, and patients in face mask. How effective this could be.

  4. I’m really happy that I will listen to you , Sir.
    I’m supposed to start my training this August and my first rotation would be in a GP.
    I hope you cover simply the main scheme
    like what must be done in 10 mins.
    and what should be avoided..
    Do – Don’t form.

  5. Selecting appropriate cases which can fully demonstrate your ability and the same time tick all necessary competences.

  6. Please do a webinar on RCA. I am sure it will be extremely valuables to both trainees & Trainers.

    Kind regards,

    Dr. N. Elapatha

  7. Ashfaque Hussain

    I think it is a great idea to conduct a webnar . We all know real life consultations are quite different from CSA cases.
    It will be beneficial to know how to get ICE and Psycho-social part of consult.

  8. How to keep patients within 10mins without being seemingly rude as they tend to overrun. How to pick the right case mix

  9. What advise can you give on how to get full marks in interpersonal skill when doing telephone consultations especially for IMGs?

  10. Stephanie Avery

    Hi, has the webinar been recorded? Or will you be able to post a summary of things you covered?
    In particular, I’m keen know your advice on sticking to 10mins! Finding it tricky since real patients when ICE and PSO covered.
    I was last to try to join, trying to get children to bed!

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