The RCA - Recorded Consultation Assessment

Next Session: Sunday 21st June 2020 8pm
[email protected] is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
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I would like you to know that I feel for all you wonderful trainees who are in a mad panic about the RCA.
So, to help, I thought, for the FIRST TIME EVER, to do a zoom webinar.
I am familiar with this sort of assessment.   I have been a GP for 21 years, Training Programme DIrector for 17 years and we had a similar assessment before the CSA.  
So, I kind of know what they’re looking for.  The marking scheme is not unfamiliar to me.
Would you like me to do something?  Then leave a comment below on the types of things you want me to cover.
Dr Ramesh Mehay

What would you like me to cover in Sunday's webinar?

Please write in the comments box below all the things you would like me to cover.   I am thinking about a 90 minute session where you can (hopefully) interact with me.      Ramesh Mehay, Bradford

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