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The RCA - Recorded Consultation Assessment

Next Session: July 20th & 21st, 2020
7.15pm - 915pm (willing to change if the majority want a different time or date)
You have 1 month before submission
Now is the time to get trained up...

£75 to attend one or both sessions (there may be some duplication, depends on the audience)

(proceeds go towards funding which does not recieve major funding from anywhere; keeping it free for you)
This session will totally focus on consultation skills.
It will not focus on things like uploading, getting consent etc which is covered well on the RCGP website.
I want to focus on CONSULTATION SKILLS that will help you pass.
Things like...
The Marking Sheet
Controlling the talkative patient
Time management
And other marking domains.

I would like you to know that I feel for all you wonderful trainees who are in a mad panic about the RCA.
So, to help, after a very successful first Zoom webinar (and I wasn’t planning on doing more), I have decided to run 2 more sessions.  
I am familiar with this sort of assessment.   I have been a GP for 21 years, Training Programme DIrector for 17 years and we had a similar assessment before the CSA.  
So, I kind of know what they’re looking for.  The marking scheme is not unfamiliar to me.

Would this suit you?  Email me if you want to attend.

Also, leave a suggestion of what sorts of things you want covering.

Dr Ramesh Mehay

What would you like me to cover in Sunday's webinar?

Please write in the comments box below all the things you would like me to cover.   I am thinking about a 90 minute session where you can (hopefully) interact with me.      Ramesh Mehay, Bradford

4 thoughts on “rca”

  1. Hello Dr Mehay,

    I am a GPST3 in West Midlands, preparing for RCA and hoping to take it in November. I missed your earlier webinar as I was unaware of it being not in your VTS. Just wondered, if you would be doing a similar one sometime soon? given first group of trainees have submitted, would be useful to hear their feedbacks too.


  2. Hello Dr Mehay,

    Any webinar or consultation session happening before October for November RCA.
    I have just visited this website for guidance on RCA since after AKT.

  3. Olukayode Bogunjoko

    Hi Dr Mehay
    Just started recording for the RCA to be submitted in January, is there any webinar in December.
    Tthat would be very helpful

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