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Sign this petition to end India’s war on women

The Indian government has set up a special commission to prepare an action plan to protect girls and women from sexual violence. Let’s send a flood of messages to the Justice Verma Committee urging the government to come up with an ambitious plan to end India’s war on women.

You can either

  1. sign the petition.  Click here to sign the petition now (takes less than 30 seconds to do)
  2. or send an email – use the tools below to write in now!     Click here to send an email now
  3. or even better, do both!

The more personal our messages the better. Here are some pointers on what to say:

  • The government must urgently strengthen legislation and enforcement against sexual violence.
  • Laws alone will be insufficient, the government should also launch a massive public education programme to shift the shameful attitudes that permit and promote violence against women.
  • This is the last straw. This brutal, venal, global war on women must stop and it should be every politician’s top priority.
If you’re interested, you may find this article by Ruchira Gupta (President of the Charity Apna Aap that helps women in unfortunate situations) of her take on what social change needs to take place to stop this sort of thing from happening.  I thought it made great sense.

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