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Gibbs Revisited

Jess Keeble

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5 thoughts on “gibbs”

  1. Reflection needs to be on something that troubles you or is interesting
    Structured tools help the trainee who finds it difficult to reflect
    Gibbs may be useful as a debriefing tool for emotionally demanding cases
    The ‘action plan’ may be putting the issue to bed- not ruminating or worrying about it any more

  2. Ideally use with trainees who struggle with reflection- provides a structure

    Also good to use in highly emotionally charged situations eg complaints

  3. – the importance of engaging with your feelings when reflecting not just describing.
    – important method of gaining insight and developing as a professional.
    – the Gibbs structure can be used to structure debriefing a difficult case with a trainee

  4. For those of you who attended Ram’s “reflective log entries in 4 ridiculously easy steps” – where does this fit in?
    Answer – in the first or second step: “Write about the case”/”Quickly work out what you want to write about” – get them to write a very quick reflection about the case (within 5 mins, and not too long) and a way of adding structure to this is by using Gibbs cycle.

    Great question whoever asked it.

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