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Getting them to reflect - log entries in 4 ridiculously easy steps

Ramesh Mehay

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6 thoughts on “reflect”

  1. Important to understand the competencies – you and trainee. Especially managing medical complexity, community orientation, ethics.
    Reflecting is not describing what happened. It is not using your eyes, ears, it is using your brain.
    Can’t be superficial, has to be deep and meaningful.
    Don’t make something out of nothing.

  2. Understanding competencies is vital. Getting the trainee to reflect under competency headings can be really helpful. Reflection needs to be deeper than a description and engage the brain.

  3. Like the suggestion to encourage using competencies as headings in log entries- often trainees say they only really understand the descriptors by the end of ST3, this should really help

  4. For those of you who attended Jess’ session on Gibbs cycle. Some one asked where does that feature or fit in with Ram’s “reflective log entries in 4 ridiculously easy steps”?
    Answer – in the first or second step: “Write about the case”/”Quickly work out what you want to write about” – get them to write a very quick reflection about the case (within 5 mins, and not too long) and a way of adding structure to this is by using Gibbs cycle.

    Great question whoever asked it.

  5. The four steps are….
    STEP ONE – Quickly remind yourself (in your mind) about the case (2-5 mins)
    STEP TWO – Quickly work out what you want to write about. (2 mins)
    Use Gibbs in steps 1 or 2.
    STEP THREE – Scan the 13 professional competencies? Which do you want to write about? Only pick ones that definitely worth pursuing. Don’t make something out of nothing (eg if your desperate for log entries demonstrating Community Orientation – don’t make something there if there really wasn’t). Spend only 3-5 seconds PER competency in deciding this. (2 mins total)
    STEP FOUR – Write about each competency

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