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Trainers Needs Assessment Tool (TNAT)

Nilofer Abbas & Amanda Nix

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6 thoughts on “tnat”

  1. Katrina Butterworth

    I liked the idea of using motivational interview techniques with our trainees. Reinforced using their statements to encourage positive change. Help trainees to identify cognitive dissonance and address this.

  2. This seemed a good way to take stock of some of the requirements to be a trainer. Most importantly it wasn’t to make you feel deficient, as it emphasised that some of these areas may be addressed by others, so that you don’t need to worry about it.
    We’re well used to the trainees having these types of lists and guiding them through it so we should be able to see this as a useful to for ourselves.

  3. Useful for PDP – ideally review the 3 chosen areas of improvement in 12 months.

    Could signpost to TW (trainers development needs)

  4. We all have lots of learning needs. So the first question is – can we recognise them – that’s why the questionnaire is a tad long – it defines almost everything we do as trainers. However, the 2nd question is the most important – which of the learning needs you have identified will MAKE A DIFFERENCE to your work as a trainer if you engage in self-improvement and development? And in that way, you focus on things that will make a difference – and that in turns recharges your batteries and makes you continue to LOVE being a trainer. Your personal self-worth goes up!

  5. Remove Q35 – group isn’t really using these.
    A bit daunting for new trainers – so in this group use to generate discussion in small groups? It worked well at the TDC.
    Overall worked really well at the TDC – because it resulted in some good group discussions. Perhaps we should use the TNAT questionnaire every year at TDC? Better than the old Peer Trainers’ Appraisal Form. This one makes you think. Especially the bit about ‘is it important for you’. Good for developing educational items for appraisal – made me realise some things I had not thought about.
    Thanks for developing this Ram.

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