Coaching for trainees….

Yorkshire & Humber Deanery also offers a FREE coaching service to any GP trainee.   Coaching is a time-limited process involving protected one-to-one sessions, and is focused on achieving outcomes.  The sessions form dedicated time for reflection: a coach will listen to a client and challenge their thinking, but will not offer advice or problem-solve on their behalf.  The aim is to increase potential and enhance the careers of those who access coaching.  Coaching can be of significant benefit in enhancing leadership confidence and impact.  Commonly mentioned benefits of coaching include higher motivation, career opportunity and advancement, better decision making and improved change management, better personal and organisational performance, improved work-life balance, and better self-reflection.

Coaching is a bit different than mentoring.  In mentoring, the mentor helps you with your GENERAL overall development.   Incoaching, the coach helps you to achieve specific goals – which may be personal or professional.  Some of you who (for instance) are struggling with a balance in your life might want to consider going.  But it’s not just for people who are struggling and nor is it just about life coaching.  Perhaps you want a bit of career coaching  or something else.  Coaching is designed to forward and enhance a long process of human learning, effectiveness and fulfilment.  It’s about unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their performance.  Do you fancy having your potential unlocked?

Coaching typically involves around 4 one hour sessions.  These are offered free of charge.   There’s more about it here: