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Behaviour Analysis

How does Behaviour Analysis help you?

With these tools, you can sometimes predict, within minutes, what sort of a person the patient is in front of you.   This is useful because it can tell you

  1. how a patient is likely to react to something you say
  2. how you can modify what you say to suit the patient
But using these tools come with a warning.  They are there to guide you and help build on the detection skills you already have.  They are NOT there to give you a 100% accuracy prediction of how someone will behave all the time.  The ones I particularly find helpful in my day to day practice are Transactional Analysis and The Behavioural Style Idenfication Matrix.   
I also really like the Karpman’s Drama Triangle – where a person (without knowing it) will often see the doctor as a rescuer, and another person as an aggressor, and themselves as a victim.  And then sometimes, you become the aggressor (when they don’t like something you’ve said or done) and the other person becomes the rescuer!   Of course, you may identify with this with people in your own personal life.   I like it because it tells you how to not get “caught up in the game”. 


Why not try some of these questionnaires on a) yourself, b) your partner, c) your family/friends.   Just play with them.  And remember, do not use them in a 100% predictive way.   Remember, although a person may have a tendency to behave in a particular way (their dominant style), it does not mean that they always behave in that way!

Please leave a comment if you have a tip, spot an error, spot something missing or have a suggestion for a web resource. And of course, if you have developed a resource of your own, please email it to me to share with others.

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