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Consultation Skills

Communicating with deaf and blind people

Tips for communicating with Deaf people

  1. Always face a deaf person. Make eye contact and keep it while you are talking. …
  2. Check noise and lighting. Turn off or move away from background noise. …
  3. Keep your distance. …
  4. Speak clearly, slowly and steadily. …
  5. Take turns. …
  6. Repeat and re-phrase if necessary. …
  7. Write it down.

Tips for communicating with Blind people

  1. Gain the person’s attention by speaking first and/or by a gentle touch on the arm
  2. Introduce yourself and what you do
  3. Always talk to the person directly, rather their sighted companion
  4. In a group conversation, always make it clear who you are and who you are speaking to
  5. Use verbal responses, avoid nods and head shakes
  6. Verbalise your actions
  7. Inform people when you are moving away from them or leaving the room
  8. Remember if someone is blind, it doesn’t always mean they have no sight at all
  9. Ask if guidance or support is required
  10. Provide information in an alternative/accessible way – audio, large print or braille.

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Bradford VTS was created by Dr. Ramesh Mehay, a Programme Director for Bradford GP Training Scheme back in 2001. Over the years, it has seen many permutations.  At the time, there were very few resources for GP trainees and their trainers so Bradford decided to create one FOR EVERYONE. 

So, we see Bradford VTS as  the INDEPENDENT vocational training scheme website providing a wealth of free medical resources for GP trainees, their trainers and TPDs everywhere and anywhere.  We also welcome other health professionals – as we know the site is used by both those qualified and in training – such as Associate Physicians, ANPs, Medical & Nursing Students. 

Our fundamental belief is to openly and freely share knowledge to help learn and develop with each other.  Feel free to use the information – as long as it is not for a commercial purpose.   

We have a wealth of downloadable resources and we also welcome copyright-free educational material from all our users to help build our rich resource (send to

Our sections on (medical) COMMUNICATION SKILLS and (medical) TEACHING & LEARNING are perhaps the best and most comprehensive on the world wide web (see white-on-black menu header section on the homepage).