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Proctor and Gamble… do you buy their products?

If you buy products like Oral B, Pantene, Ariel, Gillette or Head n Shoulders, then you’re supporting Proctor and Gamble.  Click on this link to see the sorts of things Proctor and Gamble do.  The video is from Greenpeace.

WARNING: This film contains graphic and heartbreaking content. But this is a story that must be told.

You may have seen Procter & Gamble’s adverts on TV, claiming to be a ‘proud sponsor of mums’. But it buys palm oil from companies that are trashing Indonesia’s rainforest, destroying the habitat of the last orangutans.  Thanks to P&G and its palm oil suppliers, many orangutan babies no longer have a mother.  Please watch this film, and make a donation to help stop destructive palm oil.  We must persuade P&G to clean up their act if we are to transform the palm oil industry and protect endangered species like orangutans.

Let P&G know what you think…  And in the meantime, think twice before buying their products.

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