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Put a stop to Uganda’s infamous anti-gay bill

Uganda’s infamous anti-gay bill has been signed into law by President Museveni. Our friends in Uganda are calling for the whole world to make noise to not let this awful law go unnoticed.  If thousands and thousands of us speak out right now we can get world leaders, major corporations, and religious institutions with sway in Uganda to use their influence as our friends on the ground challenge this bill in court.

  • Will you join me and sign the petition against the law now?
  • Sign now to show Uganda’s leaders that we will not stay silent while innocent people are being attacked and locked up forever.

Thank you.

Please do take a look at the link above to get an idea of what this anti-gay bill is about and how it violates basic human rights and a step back to the dark ages.   And of course, don’t forget to sign it.

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