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Dr Ramesh Mehay

Great Videos from Guildford VTS

I stumbled across two really good videos on You Tube from Guildford VTS. CbD: Reflective learning/e-Portfolio: The other amazing You Tube site is from the Pennine Scheme.  They host an unbelievable number of video resources especially for the CSA. Check them out here:  

It’s here at last! The new educator’s book.

‘The Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education”, Ramesh Mehay (Ed.) This book combines the extensive knowledge and experience of a select group of leading educators (actually, 80 authors in total). This full colour guide is an essential resource for GP trainers. It encompasses the fundamentals of teaching in a clear, practical at personable way …

It’s here at last! The new educator’s book. Read More »

Doctors using social media like Facebook

Here’s an interesting read.   It’s by the GMC and it provides guidance for doctors using social media like Facebook, Twitter and so on.  I think it’s currently in draft format but here’s the link anyway:  

Two choices

I looked at this PowerPoint today and although it’s kind of cheesy and over-sentimental, the overarching message actually makes good sense – and we either don’t realise it or forget about it.   I’m going to start fine-tuning my mindset from now on.  I’m going to try and choose what sort of day I’m going …

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