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If you would like to have your own monthly or bi-monthly blog, please write to me.  Or even if you just want to do a one-off blog. Trainees, Trainers & TPDs welcome.

The power of introverts

Here is another great TED lecture.   For those of you who don’t know what TED lectures are about, click here to see one of my earlier posts. This lecture

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Bumps, Babies and Beyond

Hi all, I have created a new forum called ‘Bumps, Babies and Beyond’.   It can be found by clicking the ‘Look at this’ menu on the home page of

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The culture of doctors needs to change

We ran a ‘fitness to practice’ session at our weekly Half-Day Release session recently.  Fitness to practice is the doctor’s awareness of when his or her own performance, conduct or

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Great Videos from Guildford VTS

I stumbled across two really good videos on You Tube from Guildford VTS. CbD: Reflective learning/e-Portfolio: The other amazing You Tube site is from the Pennine Scheme.  They

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Life is all about balance

I’ve not been well recently but I am on the mend.  A GP partner of mine sent me this, which I’ve decided to print off and pin to the door

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Two choices

I looked at this PowerPoint today and although it’s kind of cheesy and over-sentimental, the overarching message actually makes good sense – and we either don’t realise it or forget

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TAKEPART.COM TakePart helps inspire, empower, and ignite people to take daily action in making the world better.  Make a difference – take action through social change.  Study the image below to

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Silly but fun! FODDY.NET

WWW.FODDY.NET  hosts a fabulous collection of basic games.  Some of these are so silly (like QWOP – where you use the Q,W,O and P keys to make a sprinter run)

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