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The Bath Audit Course

the most simple way of understanding audit

08 Implementing Change

Introducing change

Medical audit shows what changes are needed:

  • it isn’t a method for changing care;
  • actually making the changes is the most difficult part of audit!

Actions to remedy identified deficiencies

  • Emphasise what has been achieved.
  • What are we proud of?
  • What are we not so proud of?
  • How can we correct any deficiencies?

Changes must be practical!

How are you actually going to make the changes?

  • Simply saying “We’ve got to do better” won’t result in change
  • You need to think through in detail
      • WHAT needs to be done
      • WHO is going to do it
      • WHEN and
      • HOW.

Keep a record

Keep brief written record of:                       

    • The reason for doing the audit;
    • Criteria and standards;
    • Results
    • Plans for change
    • Action taken
    • When/whether to repeat the audit.

The Bath Audit Course, Designed by Dr Michael Harris (Bath)

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