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The Bath Audit Course

the most simple way of understanding audit

02 Why Audit?

Clinical audit is the review of clinical performance, the refining of clinical practice as a result and the measurement of performance against agreed standards – a cyclical process of improving the quality of clinical care.

The Audit Cycle

“Clinical Audits monitor the use of particular interventions, or the care received by patients, against agreed standards. Any departures from ‘best practices’ can then be examined in order to understand and act upon the causes.”  

National Institue of Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Clinical audit aims to lead to an improvement in the quality of service providing:-

  • improved care of patients
  • enhanced professionalism of staff
  • efficient use of resources
  • aid to continuing education
  • aid to administration
  • accountability to those outside the profession

The Bath Audit Course, Designed by Dr Michael Harris (Bath)

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