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The Bath Audit Course

the most simple way of understanding audit

10 General Comments

Audit may...

  • Be seen as a threat.
  • Be seen as an unpleasant, time-consuming distraction from day-to-day practice.
  • Antagonise if introduced in an insensitive way.
  • Give the impression of implied criticism.

Audit must...

  • Assist staff.
  • Be effective at improving care.
  • Not be a menace or a means of discipline.
  • Have a clear purpose.

Tip: use the no-blame approach

  • Respect the individual skills of staff – they know their own jobs better than anybody else.
  • Create an atmosphere in which mistakes can be admitted without blame.
  • Audit in the right atmosphere can be fun!

The Bath Audit Course, Designed by Dr Michael Harris (Bath)

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